• Archery Club: PvP Multiplayer

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  • Archery Club is a multiplayer archery game with multiple exciting game types and an extensive upgrade system. Become a master archer, collect the best equipment and win against other people online!

    REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER: Find and defeat opponents from around the world!
    EXCITING ARCHERY MATCHES: Each match consists of multiple game types!
    EXTENSIVE UPGRADE SYSTEM: Find new pieces to strengthen your bows!
    MULTIPLE DETAILED VENUES: Shoot your way to victory in different environments

    Start your road to becoming an archery champion now! Archery Club lest you pick your favorite bow and play against other people online in exciting, multi-part matches! During each one of them youll play at least two out of three possible game modes:

    Shortbow - a quick, 30-second long round where your reflexes and fast aiming skills will be put to the test.

    Longbow - a longer round with 3 shots for each of the players. The distance to the target will increase after each shot, so youll have to be mindful of gravity and wind!

    Compoundbow - a more strategic round, where youll have to decide which targets to shoot. Those that guarantee better score may be way harder to hit, so decide carefully!