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  • Be The Manager Season 2020 / 2021
    Played since 2012, Be the Managers franchise is now with millions of downloads worldwide and this is the tenth edition! Be the Manager 2021 is a captivating soccer manager game. Its simple and fun. But also immersive and challenging.
    You're the boss. You decide. You will compete against real top soccer clubs. Do you think you're a good manager? Prove it!
    Start your Manager Job today!


    2020 / 2021 database with REAL TEAMS, MANAGERS and PLAYERS
    Manage stadium facilities. Upgrade your stadium infrastructures or make it as big as Barcelonas Camp Nou
    Choose the Sponsorships and TV rights contracts that fit your club status
    Buy and sell players. Negotiate the better value. Build your dream football starting eleven
    Choose your match strategies. Defensive or offensive? All the way to the success!
    DEVELOP your star players
    Choose the match tactics and make substitutions that lead the team to victory
    Take an underdog team to the be champion or accept job proposals to manage exciting and reputable teams
    FREE TO PLAY GAME. It really is. You dont need to spend any money to have all in-game experience
    Does not require Internet Connection. You can play it EVERYWHERE
    Compare your Coach performance with Managers from all around the world!