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  • [New Contents: 'The Battlefield of Victory' Season Open]

    After the Darkness' Front Yard, a fierce battle between guilds is about to start this time!
    A breathtaking battle between hunters with proven skills! Go to the Battlefield of Victory right now!
    The Battlefield of Victory's Season Schedule
    - Mon~Thu : [Hunter Registration] Period
    - Fri~Mon : [Team Members Registration] Period
    - Tue~Sun : [Guild War] Period

    Among the hunters in the guild, only 10 of the strongest hunters participate!
    Form a team by selecting the best 10 hunters registered by your guild members!

    Conditions for participating in the Battlefield of Victory
    Only hunters with more than 80,000 of Combat Power can participate!
    When forming a team, if there are more than 4 people from the same class, a penalty is applied!
    A strategic placement of the hunters in a total of 16 placement slots is necessary!
    A total of 10 opportunities to participate in one season!

    A reward as hot as the fierce battle!
    In addition to the amazing rewards given according to the ranking, there will even be the guild members' contribution rewards and the basic rewards that guild members can receive even if they haven't participated in the guild battles!