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  • Flags of the World 2 is a quiz game (trivia) that teaches the flags, capitals, maps, continents and currencies of all world countries in the most fun way possible. You will always remember flags, capital cities and all other things you learned with this game. 2 Multiplayer modes: Flags, Geo Mix. You can play Multiplayer games with people who are from all over the world. Also, you can play with your friends!

    There are 240 flags, 240 capital cities, 5 single player game types and 15 levels. It gets harder progressively in this flags quiz game.

    Every level has 20 flags, 20 capital cities, 20 maps, 20 continents or 20 currencies and you have 20 seconds to match the flag or country/state for each question. If you choose a wrong flag, you will see the name of that flag or country/state.

    You will also learn details like capitals, currencies, populations and areas while guessing a flag or a country/state, every question.

    You can play Maps mode. You can guess country shape or location on map of each country/state.

    You have a unique progress for each game type and each language in Single player modes. Also, there is a leaderboard for each language. Earn XP and reach the top of the list.

    There are 2 Multiplayer modes: Flags, Geo Mix which includes Countries, Capital Cities, Maps and Continents. You can earn gold and points (P) by winning games.

    You can play Multiplayer games and join the tournament. When you reach the top 10 of the tournament list, you win prizes. Tournaments last 48 hours. When the tournament finishes, new tournament starts.