• The cat's meow town


    South Korea

    Games > Simulation

  • A cat raising idle game
    A zero stress game where you only feed your cat every few hours
    Make sure each cat gets 3 meals a day!

    Spend time with the cats
    The cats will talk to you once or twice a day.
    Sometimes they will even send you a memo.
    You can take them for a stroll, too.
    On occasion, a cat might get sick.
    Be sure to give them some medicine so they can get better.

    Take care of the cats
    The cats will get hungry.
    If they're hungry, feed them.
    They'll start to like you more.
    Each cat likes different things, so try feeding them different kinds of food.

    Decorate your cats' rooms
    Purchase furniture from the in-game shop to customize each room.
    The cats can use the furniture you buy to sleep or groom themselves.
    As you befriend the cats, you'll get special items not available in the shop.
    The cats will even make comments about everything you put in their room!

    Make money with part-time jobs
    You'll need gold to buy food and furniture.
    Acquire gold through part-time jobs.
    Once started, each job will automatically complete after a specified time.
    After receiving hearts from the cats, you'll be able to do more jobs.